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Witnesses see strange lights and “travel 26 kilometers in an instant”

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According to the local newspaper in Victorica, Argentina, three residents returning from a trip experienced an episode that left them with many questions and few answers.

This incident occurred on the night of February 4 on Provincial Route 105, when three elderly people, residents of Victorica, traveled 26 kilometers in their truck in a matter of a minute.

“It was more than 12 o’clock at night, we were heading back to Victorica and as soon as we passed the boundary arc with La Pampa, we saw a lot of lights,” witnesses said.

“When we saw the lights, the first thing we asked ourselves was if it was the Escola Agrotécnica Victorica that was lit up, then we realized that it couldn’t be because we were far away.”

The protagonists of this rare episode tried to piece together what happened, but it was all so brief that they don’t know what happened. “It was a minute. After that question, we entered Avenida Agustín Borthiry, in Victorica».

The other fact that caught their attention was the GPS. Despite having reached their destination, it was marked that they still had to travel about 26 kilometers, the approximate distance from their house to the arch located on the border between the provinces of La Pampa and San Luis, where they saw the lights.

In an interview with witnesses, ufologist Salvatore Carta tried to reconstruct what happened. According to his calculations, to cover that distance in one minute, they must have traveled more than 900 kilometers per hour. Obviously, there’s no way to do that with that ground vehicle.

Salvatore also noted that the witness who was driving “claims to have had dreams regarding what happened.”

This is not a new case of teleportation in the region.

Less than three months ago, another similar event took place in the region, when a woman from the pampas town of Jacinto Araoz was teleported about 60 kilometers after also seeing an intense light.

In the neighboring province of Entre Ríos, this type of event also took place, the most recent in Hernandarias, where a teenager claimed to have been teleported from one end of the city to the other after also seeing some lights.

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