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Sailor describes UFO hovering above aircraft carrier deck (USA)

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Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) say they have found a mysterious orb -shaped flying object   off the east coast of the United States that nearly two decades later still defies explanation.

According to witnesses who were on the nuclear-powered Nimitz-class super aircraft carrier that fateful night, a luminous round object approximately 20 to 40 feet (6 to 12 meters) wide suddenly appeared and began to hover above the deck. of the ship’s flight.

Karol Olesiak, who was Petty Officer 3rd Class and quartermaster of the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan at the time of the incident, told  The Debrief  that when he arrived to replace the previous watch that night, the patrol quartermaster indicated that something was already happening that night. time, although the individual has not provided any additional information. However, it soon became clear to Olesiak that something was happening outside the flight deck.

Sailor describes UFO hovering above aircraft carrier deck (USA)

Karol Olesiak

Olesiak said:

“I’m sure they were there. And they [the colleagues] were like, ‘I don’t know what this is. I don’t mind’. Do you know what I mean? Like they have an attitude like ‘I’m going to my  rack . I don’t mind. …don’t even bother me with that f***’… So this ‘thing’ is there, for the entirety of my shift, and because the officers are ignoring it, I’m forced to ignore it.”

Olesiak said he saw a large bright orange round object with a fiery surface hovering about 30 meters above the flight deck.

He said he saw this object directly through the bridge windows at eye level. Olesiak says the object’s surface reminded him of biblical descriptions of the “burning bush”.

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