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UFO Researcher Claims To Have Discovered Ancient Underground ‘Alien Structure’ In Antarctica

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UFO researcher claims to have discovered an ancient underground ‘alien structure’ in Antarctica  .

  • A prolific UFO researcher recently made another potentially significant discovery.
  • He believes he has located an ancient alien structure hidden underground in Antarctica.

It is claimed that the four most common places that aliens use for their bases on or near Earth are underwater, inside volcanoes (preferably active), on the moon and in the tundra of Antarctica.

The reasoning behind these choices is believed to be that they are all places where (1) most humans will never look and (2) even if they did, it would be very difficult to do so.

A prolific UFO investigator, Scott Waring, has been studying these locations for years and recently made another potentially significant discovery.

Waring writes on his website that he was scanning Google Earth doing his usual investigations when he came across ”  something strange  “.

“  I found a buried site of an ancient alien structure  ,” he writes. “  When I changed the time of the photos, an earlier photo reveals a freshly made airstrip, dozens of trailers, tractors and it looks like the mound was being excavated by scientists and the military. I think they found an ancient alien structure under the snow and ice  .”

In examining this discovery, Waring says he also noticed something else.

“  I also found the face of Jesus near the excavation site  ,” he writes. “  The face is that of a man with long hair, a beard, a mustache, a long face, and a crown of thorns on his head. Not to mention his eyes, nose, chin and cheeks are all on display  .”

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