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The best UFO sighting in history. The Gemini IV mission

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NASA’s Gemini IV mission  went down in history, for being the protagonist of the first spacewalk in the history of the United States. However, during the astronauts’ stay on the spacecraft, they were able to witness something much more impressive and mysterious: a strange cylindrical UFO hovering above Earth’s orbit.

The best photo of a UFO in history

The Gemini IV was launched into space in 1965, and during its time in orbit, Edward White’s first spacewalk by an American astronaut took place. The spacecraft circled the Earth 66 times and was a breakthrough in the space race for the United States.

However, what really impressed on the Gemini IV mission was the photograph taken by the mission commander, James McDivitt, where you can see a strange object floating adrift, with a sharpness that is unique among all photographs of UFO sightings.

the ufo

According to McDivitt, the UFO was a cylindrical object, with a defined, white shape. He explains that the object in question looked like an elongated arm, and there was another pencil-like object sticking out of this large cylinder  . Also, the captain is confused about the object’s distance.

He comments that he’s not sure if he was looking at a large object at a far distance, or if it was a small object at a close distance  . However, fearing it might collide with the ship, Capital turned on the rocket’s control system.

The missing

The captain later says he took two pictures with two different cameras,  after the ship moved, the object disappeared from view  , as if it had never been there.

Video source:   Hélio 24

Finally, as with all UFO sightings, there are alternative explanations, but there is nothing clear about what was photographed. Thus, the mystery prevails to this day.

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