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Three UFOs are recorded from a plane near Area 51 (Video)

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As a plane flew over nearby Las Vegas, where the well-known Area 51 military base is located, a passenger noticed three glowing objects below the mountains.

According to the eyewitness, these lights were located between 15 and 20 miles (30 kilometers) west of the city.

Unfortunately, the video cannot show how bright these objects were as it was a sunny day and the objects glowed like giant torches whose light could be seen for tens of kilometers.

Can they be confused with something terrestrial?

Naturally, but according to the information that was passed on to the authorities, there were no maneuvers in that area, much less objects that could reflect such powerful lights.

This would leave us that, although they may be unknown objects, there is no doubt that the army could be in that place.

Leaks throughout UFO history tell us that the US military collaborates with an alien race.

However, the most curious thing is that this is exactly the same region that Charles Hall marked as the base of ‘Tall White Alien’.

The Tall White base, in which an alien base was supposed to exist.

The base would be on private land protected from Nellis Air Force Base, so it is surrounded by a barbed wire fence and close to Area 51.

Charles Hall, a nuclear physicist, former US military climate expert and author, claimed that the US military has been in contact with an alien species for years.

In 1964, when he was a weather observer at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, he witnessed interactions between the military and a group of mysterious tall, white, human-like aliens.

He said that his ships (which he witnessed) are capable of traveling faster than the speed of light.

He also said that US officials kept everything a secret because people were not emotionally ready to accept extraterrestrial life forms.

Now, are we really facing this civilization establishing contact with the military of the army? How much does this site hide that we still don’t know?

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