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UFO in 1968: The Story of How 3 Experienced Pilots Talked to a UFO

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On November 4, 1968, Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres, co-pilot Juan Seldran Garcia and flight mechanic José Cuenca Paneque flew an IB-249 aircraft owned by the Spanish company IBERIA from London to Alicante via route B31.

At the age of 17, commander Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres began his career in aviation. He served as an officer in the Spanish Air Force for 40 years, flew in the royal plane of King Juan Carlos de Borbón, participated in the Sahara War as a combat pilot, and served as the head of an aviation training center.

Simply put, he was a highly skilled professional pilot with over 28,000 hours of flight time and extensive combat experience.

Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres, team manager:

“At that time, I was the commander of the Caravelle. It felt strange that the Barcelona airport controller would tell us to get off when we arrived. However, I reasoned that passing planes might be the cause, so they forced us down. As a result, I instructed the co-pilot, Juan Celdran Garcia, to keep an eye on any incoming aircraft.

Later, the controller reported that they could see a plane arriving from a higher altitude. As we were getting close to Barcelona, ​​we were at FL310, and the controller gave the command to descend to 280. Specifically, to 28,000 feet (8.5 km).

At that altitude, there was significant turbulence, so I told the copilot to keep his guard up. Juan called me after a while: “I see it, but it’s not another jet”.

It was a powerful light. Too bright to be an airplane’s side lights. He descended from the sky and immediately assumed a position in front of us. The co-pilot and I agreed that it didn’t look like a typical plane, so we decided not to disclose its existence just yet.

The strange light approached quickly. Only ten meters separated it from the nose of our plane. Suddenly, another light with a variety of hues resembling a ball appeared in the center. White turned to blue, which turned to gray.

The most peculiar aspect was that it pulsed, almost as if it were “breathing”. He seems to lead a separate life. We also saw two more lights at this point, two considerably less bright lights, situated on either side of the primary light.

The object was advancing at our pace, keeping a safe distance between it and us. There were three objects – a huge one in the middle and two smaller ones on each side – but they appeared to be one because of how well they coordinated. Powerful light was present.

We contacted the stewardess after me, the co-pilot and the flight engineer had examined him. We also ask her if she perceives light. Yes, she said when I asked what it was. We simply wanted to make sure she saw it too, so we declared that we didn’t know.

The light then went out. and then came back. We watched in awe as the thing approached and began to maneuver incredibly close to the plane. But he was moving so fast it was hard for us to see him.

Ten minutes passed along that. “For your information, I will warn you that we have an unidentified object that is approaching and moving away from the aircraft,” I said when I spoke to the controller again.

We were required to provide a “transponder”, which is a radar detection code, by the air traffic control at Barcelona airport. The UFO kept doing these amazing maneuvers around us. There were several twists and turns aimed at ᴋɪʟʟ the person inside. Such overloads are insurmountable for any living being.

We had the impression that this thing was alive. It looked like a huge human eye. These intertwined “veins”, or whatever they were, had different colors. As I mentioned, this light pulsed. In fact, it made me think of something alive.

The UFO started maneuvering the plane any way it wanted. Ascend, descend, approach, depart and perform direct or parabolic movements. As I’ve been flying since I was seventeen, I’m aware that G forces greater than “5” are too high for the human body to handle. If this limit is exceeded, consciousness is lost. Regardless of what anti-gravity clothing you are wearing.

Physical laws were all broken by this item. After drawing hyperbolas and parabolas and flying at a right angle, he abruptly jumped from one point to another. It was absurd.

We started signaling after turning on all the aircraft’s headlights. He began to react in the same way. He followed suit each time we adjusted the light. It also lit up when we turned on the lights. He was evidently talking to us.

When I indicated that one blink per question would represent “Yes” and a double blink “No”, she responded when I asked questions in English and Spanish. I’m not sure if he understood the words or if he read my mind.

I questioned UFOs about 20 times in total, and only got brief answers. However, I can’t answer all the questions as it became obvious to me that I shouldn’t discuss them to stay out of trouble. People can slip in the bathroom or cross the street in the wrong place, they warned me during special services.

I can only name the first three questions I asked this UFO:

– Commander: Are you from this Galaxy?
– UFO: 1 flash of light
– Commander: Do you have friendly intentions?
– UFO: 1 flash of light
– Commander. Is it a manned ship?
– UFO: 1 flash of light

They were from our galaxy, they were friendly, but something bothered them about our nuclear technology.

The UFO then departed. just took off. We arrived later. Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Aleu Padreni, who at the time was overseeing the alert and control network for the Barcelona region, called me.

I was questioned in depth about the UFO incident by the lieutenant colonel. The military at the time were extremely frank with me, telling me that the Air Force commander was aware of what had happened and that three unidentified objects had been traveling in sync with my aircraft for some time when the Siesta, Samba, Kansas and Embargo radars surveillance detected them.

Objects can be found by Bolero radar in Constantine, Seville. It was even recorded: they showed me the radar data and I even requested a paper copy, which they gave me with the restriction that I would not share this information.

As news of the event spread, Lieutenant Colonel Ugarte and another serviceman visited my home in Madrid and made an urgent request for “everything you have and what you don’t.” I was required to hand over the radar recordings from which this UFO’s approach to my jet was captured.

But it was too late; the incident was no longer a secret, and eventually the media learned about it. General Lacale served as minister of aviation at the time. “No, they’re not ready for that yet,” he replied. We cannot inform them about it.

The matter became legitimate. The press was informed (in an official letter) “that the pilots had spotted the planet Venus” after an investigator was appointed in this case.

Only that. Where could I turn? We tried to prove a point by reporting what we witnessed. Does the copilot, who recently took command of a plane, really want to jeopardize his career? Nobody wants to put their lives or their jobs in jeopardy.

The strange thing is, before all this happened to me, I didn’t think UFOs existed. I had a lot of fun laughing about this topic and those UFO believers. And now I can say with certainty that THEY are in our sky”, commented Commander Juan.

“I have no doubt that they are spaceships from other worlds, given what they are and the incredible technical abilities they possess.

Will the day come when our civilization will understand that intelligent and highly technological beings are visiting us? I hope one day we get out of this hole and stop following the ostrich policy,” he continued.

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