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Unprecedented: Discovered 1st animal that does not need to breathe oxygen

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In a  new and unprecedented discovery , a team of scientists from Tel Aviv, Israel, discovered an  animal that does not need to breathe oxygen to survive .

The paper published in PNAS describes a  jellyfish-  like  parasite , which is the first known multicellular organism that is perfectly  capable of surviving without oxygen .

And oddly enough, we didn’t find this strange living being in some inhospitable corner of the world, nor on another planet, but inside a salmon!

The little parasite’s name is ‘ Henneguya salminicola ‘, and it inhabits the muscle of salmon, having only about ten cells.

It is part of the Myxozoa class, a group of  marine parasitic animals , and although it looks like a tadpole, it is actually more closely related to jellyfish and corals.
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This advance opens up unthinkable possibilities and poses important questions not only about  life on Earth , but also about the possibility of  life on other planets .

We now know that  oxygen is not an essential prerequisite for life , making it possible that  extraterrestrial environments  that were previously discarded due to lack of oxygen could be harboring organisms we didn’t even know could exist.

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