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The amazing ‘Transformer’ Owl: what she does is unbelievable!

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It’s not just people who become famous overnight on the internet. Sometimes, animals also achieve the feat of becoming “instant celebrities”…

This owl appeared in a video on the internet and it was a huge success! But a lot of people were in doubt: -“What kind of owl is this?!”
Appearance-changing 'Transformer' Owl - Ptilopsis leucotis' - "Northern white-faced owl

After a complicated research we discovered that this owl, which became known on the internet as “Transformer Owl”, is actually a native species of Africa, found in several countries of that continent.

Its scientific name is ‘Ptilopsis leucotis’, known as the “Northern white-faced owl”.
Transformer Owl - Ptilopsis leucotis - Northern white-faced owl

Its transformation is actually a defense mechanism: when confronted by a slightly larger species, it inflates its body and ruffles its feathers, trying to appear much larger than it actually is.
Transformer Owl - Ptilopsis leucotis - Transformation

But when she realizes that the other owl is much bigger, and therefore, she would not be able to look so big, she simply changes her appearance once and for all, with narrowed eyes, elongated body and placed in profile. In addition, she can make other transformations, capable of surprising anyone!

In fact, she looks completely different when she uses her second disguise, looking like anything but an owl. If you look closely, she even looks like a cat. Probably, if she looked in the mirror during her transformations, he would freak out!

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