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The gods intervened genetically in our creation according to Stefan Erdman

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Stefan Erdmann is an independent researcher who has developed a fascinating theory about the genetics of the gods. According to his theory, the gods of ancient cultures were extraterrestrial beings who manipulated the DNA of human beings to create a more advanced species adapted to life on Earth.

This idea is not new, and has been explored in science fiction and popular culture for decades. However, Erdmann has taken this theory one step further, stating that there is concrete evidence to support his theory.

Erdmann began his research into the genetics of the gods when he came across a strange stone figure in a field in Germany. The figure was similar to others that had been found in other parts of the world, such as Easter Island and South America. Erdmann began to investigate these figures and discovered that they all had similar features, such as elongated heads and large, oval eyes.

Erdmann wondered if these figures could be evidence of the presence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth in the past. To investigate this theory, he began to study the genetics of human beings and compare it with that of other animals and species.

Erdmann discovered that there were certain genes that seemed to be present only in humans, and that had no clear evolutionary explanation. These genes seemed to be related to specific characteristics of humans, such as the ability for language and creativity.

According to Erdmann, these genes could have been introduced by extraterrestrial beings who manipulated human DNA to create a more advanced species. Erdmann’s theory also suggests that extraterrestrial beings could have used genetic engineering to create different races and ethnic groups on Earth.

Erdmann’s theory is certainly controversial and has been criticized by many scientists and academics. However, his ideas have attracted a large following and generated great public interest.

Regardless of whether his theory is true or not, Erdmann’s research is a fascinating example of how science and research can inspire new ideas and theories about our world and our place in the universe.