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Mysterious creature filmed swimming in New Orleans lagoon

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A strange animal resembling a snake has been seen swimming in a lagoon in the New Orleans city park, sparking curiosity and speculation among locals and online users.

The creature was captured on video by Kim Frusciante, the founder of Early Partners preschool, who was visiting the park with her family. She shared the video on Instagram, telling WGNO that it was nothing she had seen on land or sea before.

The animal appeared to be quite long, with many scales and a red tail. It was floating on the surface of the water for a long time, unlike a normal fish.

Frusciante said some people on the internet suggested it was a genetically modified carp created in a lab and released in City Park. He also joked that it could be the Loch Ness monster from New Orleans.

However, other netizens who saw the video offered different opinions. Some said it was a huge carp or a German carp, while others said it was a dying fish swimming upside down due to lack of oxygen in the water.

WGNO contacted New Orleans City Park for more information on the creature, but received no response.

The mystery of the snake-like creature remains unsolved for now. Frusciante said his preschool students were doing deep-dive research on sea creatures, but had found nothing similar to this animal in his books.

She said that she and her children were terrified and excited by their encounter with the strange beast.


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