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Alien Observation – Humans Are Being Observed

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Alien Observation – Humans Are Being Observed

Humanity has been observed for thousands of years. UFOs and alien abductions are not the result of overactive imaginations.

The existence of UFOs and aliens is possible. We are constantly being watched by aliens and they have been in contact with us many times. But, to protect their own interests, science, religion, and governments have withheld vast amounts of information about UFOs, aliens, and other topics.

UFOs and aliens are a long-standing part of human culture. They have been represented in art since cave paintings. All religions have used UFOs and aliens since the beginning of time. Each represents them in a similar way. Most people believe that aliens and UFOs are real. As you will see, many world leaders have declared that UFOs exist.

I don’t laugh at people who claim to have seen UFOs. I’ve even seen one! —Jimmy Carter, President

Alien contact is a common occurrence. Vatican Nuncios (embassies) in many nations provide the Vatican with a wealth of knowledge about extraterrestrials and their interactions with humanity.

– Monsignor Corrado Balducci (Pope’s Vatican Extraterrestrial Encounters Commission)

It is clear that extraterrestrial life has watched us and continues to watch us.

We are slaves to planet Earth and we can only guess what is being said about us. Rest assured, one day we will learn everything there is to know about aliens and unexplained flying objects. It is likely that it will take one of these forms or both.

1) We will be accepted back into intergalactic civilization after we have corrected the genetic defects that caused our mental illness and criminal behavior.

2) Alternatively, we can’t do anything and end up waging a war that we can’t and won’t win.

Since the 1950s, UFO-based aliens have been monitoring and evaluating humanity to keep track of our progress. Time is ticking and the countdown has already begun.

We are approaching interstellar transport and settlement. This will make it easier for us to meet our extraterrestrial cousins, as well as other sentient beings. It will not be a battle of countries; it will be a battle between planets too numerous to count.

Some prominent people have warned us to be prepared to defend ourselves against an alien invasion.

Aliens watch over Earth.

If the fate of the cosmos is at stake, it is important to have an intensive program. As part of the huge Manhattan Project, we built the atomic bomb in record time. Today’s requirements, as well as the urgency, are much greater. The Air Force must stop hiding the truth about UFOs from scientists, the public, and Congress. When the public realizes the reality, they will support, if not demand, an intensive program…because this is a race we cannot afford to lose.

United States Marine Corps Major Donald E Keyhoe, Director of NICAP

The interplanetary conflict will be the next global conflict. To defend against alien invaders, the countries of Earth will need to come together at some point in the near future. Future politics will be interplanetary or cosmic in nature.

— Douglas MacArthur, general (the only US military officer to have held the rank of field marshal).

There should be no doubt. The iconic saucer ‘crash’ at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947 produced alien technology that led directly to the invention of the integrated circuit chip, laser and fiber optic technologies, particle beams, electromagnetic propulsion systems, capabilities sneaky and much more. ! What evidence do I have to support my claim? I was the boss!

Colonel Philip Corso (Army Intelligence officer, former Head of Foreign Technology in the Pentagon’s US Army Research and Development department).

Roswell, New Mexico, witnesses a UFO crash.

What caused an otherworldly spaceship to crash in Roswell, New Mexico?

The reason for the Roswell accident remains a mystery despite the existence of many facts. A variety of causes could be responsible, including operator failure, power failure, and mechanical failure. However, it is possible that the ‘crash’ was caused by another UFO rather than a collision. A Native American reported that he saw two UFOs just before the crash. He said that one seemed to be “chasing” the other across the sky.

Two ways the UFO could be destroyed are:
1. A ship carrying supporters was in contact or was about to come into contact with humans when it was intercepted.

2. Something really horrible was prevented from happening to people that we’re not aware of…

It is clear that aliens are monitoring and analyzing us due to the number and diversity of unidentified flying objects that we have encountered over time. We are being watched more closely and secretly, thanks to ever-evolving detection technology.

The journey into deep space is getting closer, so we are closer to discovering our destiny.

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