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The enigma of the “Crystal City”, which was found under Antarctica.

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Although there are many mysteries in Antarctica, few match Admiral Richard Byrd’s expedition and the information he was able to gather there.
Operation Highjump was entrusted to American explorer and naval officer Richard Byrd in August 1946, the largest Antarctic expedition ever organized.

The trip, which was scheduled to last from December to March, began shortly after World War II. But in mid-February, something completely turned the tide of the investigation.

Crystal City and Operation Highjump.

One objective of the mission was to search for potential sites for military bases in Antarctica. According to Byrd’s entry in his private journal, an amazing find was made during the exploration.

And it is true that the accounts of Operation Highjump are based on his diary entries rather than official reports because the government ordered that diary suppressed and hidden. But after his death, his son found out.

In his journal, Byrd describes how he learned that the South Pole was supposed to be the location of an entrance to the interior of the Earth. Based on this information, he flew over the area in command of a fleet of planes and discovered something they definitely shouldn’t have found.

Unlike the rest of Antarctica, the entry point was warm. He took them to a place where there was a lot of life and vegetation, as if they were on another planet.

The most unexpected thing, he assured, came later, when something began to shine like the Sun on the horizon. A disc-shaped flying object was flying over the city, which was completely made of glass. These ships gathered around him and lowered him to the ground.

Byrd was led into a cavern, where he encountered a being he later referred to as “The Master” in his journal.

The Master expressed his disappointment with the humans for developing nuclear weapons and expressed great concern about the possible repercussions this could have on Earth, so they expected us to stop.

UFOs and Underground Entities.

Byrd witnessed “The Master”, a being who was concerned about nuclear wars and who saw beneath the surface of Antarctica. (file/.com).

Since it began at the same time as the rise of UFOs, at the end of World War II and the dropping of the first atomic bombs, theorists believe that this story is highly significant.

Added to this are the numerous reports of UFOs flying over military facilities that guard nuclear weapons. The admiral’s story is also in line with claims by “higher beings” who have raised concerns about the possibility of nuclear war.

Most of the US Air Force officers who tell these stories claim to have seen paranormal activity, including the deactivation of nuclear weapons, firsthand.

The destruction of humanity is not the only thing that worries these entities, according to theorists; they are also concerned about the potential for irreparable damage to the planet because it is owned by these entities.

We share the planet with another highly developed civilization that resides below the surface and keeps track of everything we do, if Richard Byrd’s diary is authentic.

The officer wrote about the emotions he experienced while recounting his journey in his journal, but was stopped before he could. He angrily wrote that after his return, he was taken to a government facility where he was ordered to keep quiet, that his discovery could not be made public, and that everything he revealed was classified.

It is possible that the old tales about beings living in the depths of the Earth have something to do with the UFO phenomenon. Since it seems that humanity is determined to destroy itself and take everything in its path, the time may soon come when they finally appear before us and prevent a catastrophe on a global scale.

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