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Repeated alien abductions, alien-human hybrids, and encounters with creepy black-eyed children

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The subject   of alien-human hybrids  in Ufology basically goes no further than the stories of abducted women and their repressed memories that they gave birth to half-human, half-alien, and these children were taken from them immediately after birth.

But there are several cases where the alleged hybrid children were found on Earth in domestic conditions. Below is one of the last acquaintances.

Katherine’s Alien Abduction and Alien-Human Hybrids

The  book “Strange Intruders” (2016) by ufologist David Weatherly  published the story of two sisters from the United States, known under the pseudonyms of “Justine” and “Katherine”. One of them was repeatedly abducted by aliens and forced to participate in their hybrid child breeding program.

The sisters have always been very close, supporting each other through their parents’ divorce, and have lived together for many years, communicating regularly.

But at one point,  Katherine suddenly announced that she wanted to leave indefinitely and would not contact Justine at that time  . Katherine didn’t give a reason, she just said that she was leaving and then disappeared without a trace. Weeks turned to months, months to years, and Justine began to wonder if her sister was alive.

Then, three years after she went missing, Katherine contacted her sister out of the blue and told her that she lived in Colorado and wanted Justine to visit her right away.

When Justine went to live with her sister in Colorado, their reunion went smoothly at first. They talked a lot and reminisced about the past few years, and already it seemed like Katherine had never left, but when Justine asked her sister directly what she had been doing for the past three years, she stopped talking abruptly and refused to speak. about it

However, the next night, Katherine confessed to everything, telling Justine that she had actually been abducted by aliens, and that  the aliens had been abducting her for years.  She didn’t remember this for a long time, but then various memories of the kidnappings began to surface in her, and that’s when she decided to go to Chicago to fix this situation.

Justine accepted his words, although she didn’t really believe them. Anyway, she after a while she went to her house. On the way, she stopped at a gas station on a deserted stretch of country road. It was a clear and calm day.

As he filled his car with gas, his thoughts were interrupted by the sudden appearance of a  little girl right in front of his car, next to the pumps  . The girl looked quite scary and strange, dressed in an old faded cream colored dress,  thin to the point of being skeletal, with extremely pale skin and fine hair that was blonde to almost white.

And, most strikingly,  he had  huge eyes that seemed completely black  , without white.

Since there were no other cars at the gas station, Justine could not understand where this girl came from and where her parents were. And she couldn’t logically explain why the girl looked so inhumanly strange.

However, Justine found the courage to greet the girl and waved her hand. For a moment, the girl just stared at her with an impenetrable expression, and then she said, “We’re halfway there.”

They were silent for a few moments, Justine trying to understand what her words meant, and then the girl spoke again and said, “Your sister Katherine will understand, this is for all of us.”

At the mention of her sister,  Justine felt a sudden pang of shock and fear and moved closer to the child  , but as she did so, her fear turned to horror and she had a distinct feeling that she must come no closer. The girl stared at her with her doll’s black eyes before repeating, “We’re halfway there.” 

Justine walked slowly back to her car and fiddled with her keys, and when she looked up she noticed that the strange girl had disappeared. Then, trembling with fear, she Justine moved away as fast as she could:

“She was  horrified by this encounter and took a moment to calm down before calling her sister and asking her about the creepy girl who met her at the gas station  . her that she told Justine about those children after she had told her about her kidnapping.

They didn’t  discuss alien-human hybrids in detail  : Justine found it hard to believe the idea that her sister had been abducted by aliens, let alone that the aliens were using her and the other abducted women in their hybrid breeding program.

Although Katherine hinted that she herself had experienced something similar, Justine did not dare ask her sister for details. In general, she admitted to herself that she did not know if the child was a hybrid child, but she knew that she was not dreaming of a strange child,” wrote David Weatherly.

What do you think of this strange encounter and the alien-human hybrids? Tell us in the comments section.

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