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The design of the Great Pyramid of Giza and its link with Nikola Tesla’s Laboratory

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The design specifications for the Great Pyramid of Giza have been identified at the heart of Nikola Tesla’s work. Scientists reserve their comments and experts call it “fantastic.” The locations of the mountain peaks and the underground tunnels appear to be derived from the same geometry. By coincidence or intention, corridors and topography predict that  Mr. Tesla’s “Experiment Station” is analogous to the location of a sphinx.

Location of Tesla’s laboratory predicted by topographical and terrain features

In 1899,  Nikola Tesla  built a laboratory at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. He said the prototype will send/receive unlimited power and data wirelessly from Pikes Peak to Paris, France. His experiments have been known to power light bulbs and vacuum tubes without even a plug or circuit; He induced an artificial lightning bolt of 135′; He reportedly made horses wearing horseshoes very uncomfortable and shut down the town’s power generators. After seven months, he moved on, abandoned the project and left the bills to pay for the demolition and deconstruction of the site. Looking back years later, he said:

“The conditions in the pure air of the mountains of Colorado were extremely favorable for my experiments and the results were very gratifying to me.”

Despite Nikola Tesla’s extraordinary contribution to modern technology and science, he was also ridiculed for his thoughts on pigeons, alien transmissions, and the Great Pyramid, which he thought was a power plant.

Christopher Dunn  , an engineer, investigated the idea and published his findings in a book titled “The Giza Power Station.” Mr. Dunn’s theory of the electrical potential of the geometry of the pyramids is supported by a demonstrated function, electrodes that he claims to have found, and chemical residues that he says are consistent with a type of electrical machine. He says,

“A corollary to my new core belief was that the Great Pyramid, which exhibits the precision and design characteristics of a machine, was originally designed and built to function like a machine. Also… the benefits returned to the civilization that built it was energy.”

For example, if you rub a balloon against a head with hair, the balloon could be the ionosphere, the hair represents wireless energy, and the head represents the earth. Tesla invented a way to harness the unlimited energy of the ionosphere with resonance and static charge, which he believed was evidently demonstrated by the geometry and attributes of the pyramids. The terrestrial pyramids 32.75 times the size of the one in Giza, exploited by Nikola Tesla, are what possibly made the prototype a success.

Semir Osmanagich,  a PhD in Mayan pyramids. and anthropologist, shows that he has unearthed tunnels and a huge stone sphere under  pyramid-shaped mountains in Visoko, Bosnia. Since 2006, his findings have been scrutinized in books, by television crews, scientists, skeptics, and the public who can tour what he has discovered on a daily basis. He says,

“The park is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year, but also by a large number of locals and visitors from the surrounding area.”

People who vehemently disparage you, and your credentials, or lack thereof, have not visited you and most often make false claims that are not always supported by facts, particularly about your verified education. He says that he currently runs the most active archaeological site in the world. He and the Municipal Government of Visoko are sure that they are excavating a real earth pyramid complex near Sarajevo. He corroborates the theory with ticket sales and open public scrutiny now after more than 15 years. I asked him to respond to critics who disagree quickly or call it a hoax or pseudoscience, he said,

Sam, a modern day Indiana Jones, unearthed this concretion stone.

“Our six international scientific conferences with more than 110 experts from different fields have proven the existence of a 30,000-year-old pyramid complex.”

It is not surprising that humanity wants to try to capture, control and create lightning. Tesla’s work demonstrates how it could have been done using mountains as tools and why it might have been useful. Attempts to refute the facts as coincidence are nullified by the preponderance of the anomaly in the Rocky Mountains. People rarely find masterpieces hanging on their walls without remembering how they got there. If not by chance or coincidence, how else would it be explained? For more details on the scope of the phenomenon, read  “The Origin of the Great Pyramid’s Design.”

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