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Chưa phân loại

It is no coincidence that the media, the pharmaceutical industry, and even politics have started treating societies more and more like children.

Is the “production” of self-conscious “molded” mass slaves actually taking place?

The person of MA is no longer the self-conscious person, and society does not have the elements important for self-organization.

The political forces and leaders who manage us, as well as the media and health care, are responsible for all of this.

An insider talked about how it has been most visible since the beginning of 2020, but in fact a kind of mind programming has been going on since the end of the 2000s.

The media, political forces, but also marketers and global corporations are also involved.

The goal is to educate a type of person who does not think.

The one who gets the information ready and doesn’t question anything.

Those who do not read sit in a single bubble of opinion, which is usually “inflated around them” by the power that dominates them, and in which no questions arise.

Those who can be guided by their fears, and since the beginning of 2020 they have shown how well they can play the harps of fear in the media’s fine-tuned horror factory.

Today’s mass society demands a higher power, begs for its security.

That’s exactly what they wanted to achieve.

In such an emergency, nothing is precious, not even the freedom of the individual.

And masses have voluntarily given up their freedom just to escape a virus that has been presented as a deadly killing machine, with a death rate only slightly higher than the flu.

In recent years, the health sector has also played its part in “mind-programming” us with its psychedelic and other sedative pills.

With these, they mentally crippled us and removed even the slightest suspicion of society in relation to the false world that surrounds us.

And the world economy and the stock market are used by the operators of the system for their own profit, as well as to maintain the inequalities between the poor and the rich to the extreme.

This is of fundamental interest to the “masters” of the debt-based monetary system.

This system can best manipulate the unconscious, the MA person.

And your biggest enemies are people like YOU. Those who read, expand their knowledge and travel the world more and more SELF-CONSCIOUSLY, observe events.

We have only one chance for change: the eyes of as many people as possible must be opened.

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