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Chưa phân loại

There are hundreds of millions of them, and people on Earth don’t even know about them, he claims.

Dozens of extraterrestrial groups have so-called “embassies” on the moon. It is possible that the remote seers were able to detect them.

That is why serious experiments were started during the Cold War, which were researched under the auspices of secret divisions at the CIA during the Cold War.

The whole world now knows about these “pararesearches” from declassified CIA and FBI documents, which are also available on official websites and archives.

In general, the uniforms and clothing of those on the moon are such that from a distance it can look as if they are wearing nothing.

I myself am a practicing remote viewer, and I know from my own experience that in many cases our brain interprets the images “perceived” during remote viewing in an interesting way,” said the insider.

There is a very thin atmosphere on the Moon, especially in areas far from the sunny side, mainly down in the craters, but this is not constant as the Earth and Moon orbit the Sun.

By the way, there is now scientific evidence for this: NASA has started to prepare the Earth’s population for the publication of the truth.

Recently, it was “pseudo-naïvely” announced that oxygen particles were found on the sunny side of the Moon, so a thin atmosphere may be present at times, but water vapor was also found.

Unlike Martian air, the air in the Moon’s atmosphere is completely unbreathable, as it is full of fine dust that would instantly split your lungs in half if you were crazy enough to try to breathe.

Dust and ice crystals in the air sometimes produce interesting light phenomena.

Remote viewers and those experimenting with out-of-body experiences have often experienced that they were first taken to a certain area of ​​the moon, that is, to a kind of meeting place, before they “traveled on” to the solar system or beyond.

This is a common experience and I have experienced something similar myself. Actually, this “meeting place” is not even in physical reality, so it is not a tangible, physically existing location.

The Moon is divided into so-called “embassy zones”, exactly like Antarctica on Earth.

These embassy zones belong to dozens of different non-worldly/extraterrestrial groups.

Plus, these are usually groups that don’t really get along.

There are cases where the bases of the fiercest enemies are located only a few kilometers from each other, yet there has been peace in these areas for thousands of years.

The Moon is a diplomatic area, absolutely no conflict of any kind is allowed.

In all cases, each group will respect and not violate this agreement.

During the legendary Apollo mission, they could have landed in the diplomatic territory of a group that did not welcome them.

This was a stern and serious warning on their part to leave their area immediately and preferably never to return.

That’s why the transmission was interrupted during the landing on the moon, and Neil Armstrong saw certain things that he could never talk about publicly.

The whole truth about the Moon has been hidden for decades, because the realization that we are not alone would fundamentally destroy religions.

Bringing a crisis of faith and civilization to the already fragile social systems.

That is why the “authorities” are waiting for the time being and are slowly but surely preparing humanity for the “publication”.

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