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Did Ezekiel’s wheel pass through the solar system?

Many people know Ezekiel’s wheel from the Bible.

Recently, a giant object similar to this is said to have passed through our solar system. NASA called it an optical error, but of course those who believe in the existence of aliens do not believe this.

The American space agency also admitted that they witnessed a strange anomaly on February 20, 2020, but the unbelievers are unable to understand how the phenomenon consisting of concentric circles and cross-shaped lines could be a reflection of the planet Venus.

The design is all the more interesting, as recently the Mars rover Curiosity photographed such a pattern on the surface of the red planet.

Are humanity and the solar system under surveillance?

Some theories go even further than this and claim that humanity is locked in the solar system on purpose, that we are under a kind of cosmic tutelage.

Therefore, spaceships from other civilizations occasionally enter the solar system and are present to observe us.

Here is the video of the detected anomaly, which many consider to be a kind of spaceship seen by Ezekiel:

Either way, various unknown cosmic objects have actually passed through the Solar System countless times in recent years.

One of them, Harvard University researcher Avi Loeb, considers it conceivable that it could be a structure of extraterrestrial, artificial origin.

Was Ezekiel’s Wheel an Alien Spaceship in the Bible?

Perhaps few people know him by the name of Ezekiel, even though the Christian church ranks him among the great prophets. He lived 6-700 years before the birth of Christ and attracted attention with his incredible visions. He thought that if Jerusalem does not want to repent, then God will destroy it, the end is near.

Among the visions of the biblical figure, his account of the “heavenly chariot” stands out.

He saw a storm brewing on a large, sandy plain, but ended up in the middle of something else entirely.

He saw a cloud approaching him, and along with it he heard a sound that was getting louder.

Looking at it from today’s perspective, we do not consider it inconceivable that Ezekiel might have witnessed the arrival of some extraterrestrial flying device.

This is supported by his unusually detailed description, in which he spoke of four human-shaped beings.

Ezekiel could have thought of the apparition as the appearance of God, or of angels and cherubs, who of course could have come from heaven to Earth in chariots.

One of the heavenly beings spoke to the prophet, entrusting him with the task of warning the children of Israel to obey the Lord.

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