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Chưa phân loại

“You can enter the interior of the Earth through the North and South Poles, and that secret civilizations flourish inside…”

Is it more and more certain that it is not just legends?

Agartha, the realm of Inner Earth, was run by an alternate civilization for thousands of years and is still active today, according to insiders.

It has long been possible to guess that there is something behind the legend and myth, as all ancient cultures have reported about so-called “mole people” and about civilizations that retreated below the surface after a cataclysm that hit the Earth, isolating themselves from those who remained on the surface.

Throughout history, there have been many expeditions, as American Admiral Richard Byrd and other intrepid explorers traveled to the North and South Poles, where they found extraordinary landscapes, polar oases with almost subtropical temperatures, warm rivers, vast forests and many other natural phenomena.

They all talked about the Hollow Earth, including Operation Highjump, which was supposed to be a scientific expedition to Antarctica.

But what was the real motive behind the covert operation? probably the excavation of Agartha.

Great astronomers and mathematicians also supported the theory of the hollow Earth, such as Euler or Edmund Halley, and many writers and researchers talked about this underground world.

Likewise, ufologists such as Ray Palmer and others believed that the Earth was hollow and that UFOs came from and returned from a civilization of superior beings hidden in the unexplored interior of the Earth.

In other words, Agartha actually became a hybrid civilization over the course of millennia, consisting of a mixture of humans and interstellar beings.

According to legends, Agharta has continents and oceans, just like the OUTER, i.e. surface world, although the proportion of land there is greater than that of oceans, approx. the ratio is 3/4 – 1/4.

In the center of the Inner Realm shines the Central Sun, Vulcan, the living Almighty, who supplies both the Inner Realm and the outer world with constant light, warmth, wisdom and all-embracing love.

She is the Earth Spirit, Gaia, the indwelling Christ, the Logos, the emanation of the omnipresent God himself.

The land of Agharta is made up of brilliant and magnificent crystals everywhere, from which the houses, temples and other places are made.

This is accompanied by an intact, developing primeval nature, with paradise flora and fauna.

After the fall, the sinful part of humanity was expelled from here to the outside world.

Those who live here walk the path of Light and work for those imprisoned on the surface of the Earth.

He who is freed from the outer world receives here the preparations for complete liberation.

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