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Amazing things have leaked recently. It happened in 1991, but it has only now become public, because Sharman dropped a truth bomb about NASA and extraterrestrials.

If only half of this is true, it’s time to think about some things…

He went up to the MIR space station at a young age, but he could never talk about what he experienced up there. At least he couldn’t tell the truth.

H. Sharman, even then he said that a very serious non-disclosure agreement was signed with him.

The contract mainly listed technological and technical reasons as well as processes.

Recently, Sharman, now 56, said that this was not quite the case and that NASA denies the existence of extraterrestrials.

“I have nothing to lose,” he declared.

Inexplicable things have been experienced several times around the MIR space station.

For example, knocks coming from outside, or similar sounds, the source of which has never been revealed.

They saw unidentified flying objects, i.e. UFOs, about which NASA was deeply silent even when the astronauts asked about them.

And on several occasions the radio broadcast was disrupted by “someone”, judging by the traces, with signal jammers coming from outside the Earth.

In many cases, Sharman and his companions had the feeling that they were being watched.

Incidentally, this was also reported by the astronauts participating in the Apollo missions.

Is the cosmos really teeming with aliens and the Earth is also “watched”, and the American space agency knows about it?

He also continued that he will take to the grave exactly what happened there and what those who were there experienced, because it can only be understood if you see and feel it yourself.

“We are not alone, we never were”

Unfortunately, this, like many similar cases, is a mystery to us.

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