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Chưa phân loại

Shocking… Is something brewing…?

It is difficult to say what the photos and recordings that have recently emerged from the arctic region and show UFOs can prove.

These unidentified structures belonging to no country are capable of maneuvers that defy the laws of physics and flight.

In recent weeks and months, they have been seen many times by ordinary sailors or some units of the navy.

They do not respond to radio signals, are incredibly fast and can even disappear from radars.

Moreover, according to the signs, they continue to go underwater to unknown places, or they emerge just below the surface of the water and then disappear at the edge of space.

Retrospectively, some military reports make it clear that they have known about these objects for decades.

In the past, there were theories that these UFOs visiting the Earth flew to various secret bases located deep under the surface of the water near the polar circles.

Other sources mention an Aurora program, a secret vehicle based on presumably extraterrestrial technology that can travel underwater and in the air, and even put it into orbit around the Earth.

If this is so, then it could be a super-secret project of the US military that they are experimenting with in the Arctic Circle and that only the highest circles know about.

According to others, it could be an experimental UFO with the TR-3B designation, which could also be based on an alien technology, have a space engine and be capable of teleportation between two given points in space.

In recent years, such triangular UFOs have been seen more and more often near the Arctic Circle.

And the mystery only gets more complicated, and there are no concrete answers…

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