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Object approaches astronauts of the ISS and the broadcast is mysteriously cut

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A storm of debate filled the Internet after the live broadcast was recently interrupted from the International Space Station.

Two female astronauts were scheduled to perform the first exclusively female spacewalk on the ISS. The plan was canceled at the last moment when the astronauts discovered they did not have space suits of the correct size.

NASA decided to change one of the women for a man, a decision that was quite controversial in the US.

During the live broadcast, some of the viewers noticed that a small object could be seen in the distance, while Nick Hague was busy with a routine operation.

Hague seems not to notice, for the little light that can be seen in the upper left. After a brief period, visual failures begin to appear and steam is abruptly cut off.(ISS)

In the past, similar “incidents” have happened, but NASA employees quickly discredited them.

In a previous statement, the US space agency said fragments of frozen dust can appear as bright objects when they pass in front of cameras.

It is likely that NASA will publish a press release on this subject in the coming days. What’s your opinion about it? Leave your comment below.

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