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Chưa phân loại

According to them, the problem is very big, the extraterrestrials sent us a signal: either we change or we perish in a nuclear war like our predecessors.

Dark clouds appeared seemingly out of nowhere above humanity.

However, we “thank” these clouds and the cataclysms of the present time to ourselves and to the fact that we are not able to cross the limits of our race, the shadow of our civilization.

It is often noted about the Indigo generation that they are the ones who possess a higher level of knowledge and that they themselves will be the key to a better, happier life on the planet.

And last but not least, they hold for us a civilizational rise leading to a peaceful, war-free future.

According to their claim, the members of the indigo generation are in constant contact with the former ancient creator species that watch over us and have been midwives over the Earth for millions of years.

Now the aliens have sent a message to humanity, because we are at a crossroads: we either level up or perish.

Light always comes first after darkness.

We are living through perhaps the most difficult and darkest times in human history, since 2020, our species has been going through continuous trials, and the cohesion of our society has been and is being tested by many cataclysms.

Cold War, previous world wars, epidemics, and now the nightmare of another world war or a fatal and alarming nuclear war.

Through the indigos, the extraterrestrials also made it clear:

Certain powers don’t want humanity to know about them.

That the powers that be resent the fact that extraterrestrials want to interact with ordinary people.

In the end, it’s all about power…

You must overcome this shadow, and your own shadow, or you will perish in an all-consuming war.

the extraterrestrials claim.

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