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Chưa phân loại

To this day, there are countless unanswered questions about the ancient, thousand-year-old complex.

Buildings of ancient cultures and religions, which exude a truly special atmosphere and often make everyone think about how long ago humans have been on Earth and what might have happened in our past that we may not know about.

Considered the world’s largest Buddhist temple, it rises in Indonesia, on the island of Java, and has a long history, since it was built in the 9th century.

The nine-level, pyramid-shaped, terraced building is decorated with stupas, and from the top view, the facility forms a three-dimensional mandala and displays the universe.

It is difficult to say who and how they could have known this almost a thousand years ago, because at that time they did not have astronomical instruments that could have seen the universe.

It was not by chance that the church was thought to be the work of ancient extraterrestrials, or at least they could have built it with knowledge prior to that age.

In fact, there are theories that the temple is an exact imprint of the universe, as well as a map to the ancient gods from the stars who once regularly visited the Indian territories and presumably the entire planet.

According to the proponents of paleoastronautics, these could have been ancient astronauts who could have shared knowledge and tools with developing humanity.

Borobudur is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, its highest point is 35 meters high.

Its four lower terraces represent the earthly world, while the building on the upper level represents the ultimate goal, nirvana.

The bell-shaped stupas of Borobudur guard Buddha statues, the central structure is surrounded by 72 statues.

Visitors must walk around each terrace to reach the highest point, and according to religious regulations, always turn left

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