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These ancient gates can be “connected” with similar gates on Earth.

Is there a connection between the Martian civilization and the human race?!

Would NASA’s biggest kept secret change our entire history?

NASA’s rover has found a gate, but it’s not the only one

NASA’s Mars rovers have already taken many interesting images of the red planet, which sometimes fueled conspiracy theories among Martian believers.

The Curiosity rover photographed a rocky hillside with what appears to be an artificial entrance.

We wrote more about this here.

Seeing the picture, many people began to speculate whether the gate-like formation could lead to the secret hiding place of the Martians, an underground tomb, or perhaps to another dimension.

A few years ago, a similar formation was found in one of the images taken from the surface of Mars.

In a video, an amateur researcher named Scott Waring explains that a church-like formation can be seen on it.

The UFO researcher explains the discovery for many minutes in a video. The interesting parts come from 2 minutes 17 seconds, Waring shows where he thinks the entrance to the building may have been, and even discovers demonic statues.

The UFO researchers also found traces of a city in the pictures posted by NASA on the Internet. According to their claim, the traces of the city are not visible in the photos because NASA tried to remove them from the picture.

According to many, some discovered gates and exits actually do not lead anywhere, but they did not have a physical function, but could have been a kind of dimensional passageways in the past.

Even if we assume for a moment that the legends about the ancient gates from the culture of other ancient people groups may be true.

They are mentioned in many Indian legends on Earth, but the Indian Sanskrit texts also tell about ancient gateways with the help of which they could travel between worlds.

There are theories that humanity was actually connected to other planets in this way, through these gates, namely Mars.

The Egyptian civilization has a special connection with Mars, as the landmarks of the Cydona region on the red planet and the face of Mars also “copy” the layout of the Giza plateau.

Or the creators of the Giza Plateau copied it from the Cydonia region of Mars… Who knows!

In any case, sphinx-like formations and even three-sided pyramids are suspected to be found on Mars.

According to some theories, NASA knows about all this, even much more, and they are actually keeping silent about it because this discovery and announcement would fundamentally change the history of mankind.

The existence of dimension gates or the Martian origin of humanity would stir up the scientific backwater.

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