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Many parents will not be happy about this, some will be completely freaked out…

If your child is having visions, it may not be that he has a 7th sense, there could be a much darker and grosser reason, they claim.

Genes may predispose children to hearing strange voices or seeing ghosts, according to research.

For one study, children under the age of 13 were examined, young children who had experienced psychosis.

The term psychosis is mostly applied to psychiatric illnesses where the patient loses touch with reality, has delusions and hallucinations

wikipedia says.

More than 70 percent of the children in the study started experiencing psychosis before the age of 13.

Many children’s behavior may appear psychotic, as if they have an imaginary friend, but it is actually a completely normal psychological process, whereas true psychosis keeps children anxious and beyond the child’s control.

The research team at Boston Children’s Hospital in the US said the results of the study strongly support “chromosomal microarray testing in all children or adolescents diagnosed with psychosis”.

At Boston Children’s Early Psychosis Research Center, 137 children and adolescents with early-onset psychosis or psychotic symptoms before age 18 were genetically tested.

Based on their results, chromosomal microarray testing is recommended for all children with psychotic symptoms.

More than 70 percent of the children in the study started experiencing psychosis before the age of 13. Twenty-eight percent of the examined children met the formal criteria of schizophrenia, with persistent and persistent symptoms.

The DNA of each child was tested and, surprisingly, 40 percent of the children with psychosis tested positive. CNV screening is identical to the CNV tests screened for autistic children.

In many cases, the identified CNVs are also associated with other psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders,” the researchers explained.

Families are often relieved to learn that their child’s psychotic symptoms have a biological component, but many parents would not subject their child to this type of “experimentation.” Some children have psychotic symptoms that come and go.

Psychosis can occur when the child is stressed, angry, depressed or has mood swings. But in children with true schizophrenia, symptoms are persistent and extreme.

The earliest signs of psychotic illness can be general.

The child may become withdrawn.

Their daily routine can deteriorate, sometimes dramatically, which can disrupt their behavior at school and interpersonal relationships. These children may have tantrums, while this was not typical before.

Who thinks what?

Could there be something to this?

or has the research gone completely wrong?

To this day, we know of many phenomena observed by children for which there is no logical explanation.

and sometimes we, as adults, also encounter inexplicable spiritual phenomena.

What could be the reason for these?

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