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American Ufologist Claims To Have Discovered Alien Bases On Moon

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American ufologist Fred Steckling confirms the existence of alien mechanisms and buildings on the Earth’s satellite and provides convincing confirmation of the presence of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations there.

Fred has been studying the lunar surface for a long time, he has looked through more than 1,000 images of the Moon and came to the conclusion that most of the images contain man-made objects of extraterrestrial origin, while the structures are of different sizes.

Fred claims that mankind was convinced that the moon is lifeless, but the data he has collected show completely different results. For all the years before flying to the moon, astronomers had recorded thousands of different domes, explosions, colorful lights, various buildings and other things.

Fred managed to capture non-natural phenomena in the lunar crater of Archimedes. He found three cigar-shaped objects about 20 kilometers long there. Those three objects had been in the crater for a couple of hours and then disappeared without a trace.

Alien Bases On Moon

In 1970, a book named “Somebody Else is on the Moon” by George Leonard was published. After numerous talks with members of various lunar programs, as well as many original photographs of the moon’s surface, George proves that there is an alien mind on our satellite. Artificial formations of regular geometric shapes, large mechanisms, bridges, domes, and roads appear on the lunar surface. Another very interesting thing is various inscriptions that could have been viewed from the Earth with an ordinary amateur telescope. With all this, the largest part of the strange structures is collected on the far side of the moon, which is hidden from view and public. It feels like an alien mind is hiding from us.

Huge two-kilometer installations are also very interesting, the purpose of which is not known, but it can be assumed that they are used for soil cultivation, maybe this is the solution to the theory that what alien creatures live on the moon.

Alien Bases On Moon

Astronauts made a huge number of images and records of the lunar surface, which identified 44 anomalous zones on the lunar surface, where strange mechanisms are located.

Alien Bases On Moon

When violent alien activity escalates on the Moon, then on Earth, strange objects and eyewitnesses of strange aircraft appear. They are probably watching us too.

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