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Mysterious Car That Resembled UFO Landed In France In 1981

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The mysterious incident with an unidentified flying object in France has been very interesting for ufologists for decades. In 1981, a resident of one French town witnessed a strange car moving in the air, the origin of which is still a mystery. This event was also named one of the most famous UFO cases in France.

Mysterious car-like UFO

An unusual event occurred in early January near the city of Trans-en-Provence, next to the estate of Renato Nikolai, who at that time was 55 years old. He was the only witness, and although it may sound almost like science fiction, authorities confirmed that this person had been sane during the event, and that this had not been a figment of his imagination.

On the day that Renato remembered for the rest of his life, he was working on his site in the courtyard and was suddenly struck by a strange sound coming from the sky. When he turned toward the sound, he noticed a strange disk-shaped flying machine that landed briefly in the field before disappearing into the sky again. Renato had never seen such a flying object in his life. He described it as 2 saucers held together in gray. Its height was about 5 feet (1.5 m), he said.

At the sight of the strange car, the man rushed with excitement to the place where it touched the ground. He came across obvious signs of the ship’s presence and quickly notified the police of what had happened.

At first, the story of Renato seemed crazy to the authorities, but after a careful analysis of the signs that he showed them, they came to the conclusion that the matter was real. And to this day, it remains a mystery what he really saw.

In the area where the car landed, the researchers found traces reminiscent of radiation exposure. In addition, part of the soil was apparently heated to temperatures above 932° F (500° C). According to researchers, all these phenomena could not occur naturally, and it could not be a pure coincidence that all traces were found only in the area where the ship landed.

They are convinced that Renato really saw some kind of unusual car, although they cannot say for sure whether it was a ship belonging to an extraterrestrial race or an experimental aircraft belonging to secret military programs.

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