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Remnants of an Ancient City on Mars Discovered in NASA’s Photos

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Scott C. Waring recently discovered this evidence, as he was able to find proof that Mars had once again been inhabited by an ancient Martian civilization before humanity ever fully took control of Earth.

Ufologists already knew that life must have existed at some point on Mars. It was discovered that there were patches of water that existed in ancient times, which would have been a support for life on Mars.

Whether or not this civilization was advanced we don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that according to Scott they must have been incredibly small, to begin with, as this city that he discovered in the picture taken by the Curiosity Rover is very small, to begin with.

He also brought up the fact that he’d come across a 15-centimeter female Martian on Mars over ten years ago.

While some people believe this to be a natural formation of rock, Scott believes it to be a remarkable structure. What do YOU think? Is this proof that Martians were small living organisms that lived in Mars’ ancient past? Or do you think Scott is thinking too much?

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