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Aliens Built Underground Network Of Cities From Altai To South America Before Rebuilding Human DNA

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The mystery of the global network of underground passages and tunnels surrounding the entire planet seems to be revealed. The texts of the ancient Sumerians about the Annunaki gave a clue to conspiracy theorists.

Conspirologists, referring to the decrypted texts of clay tablets, claiming that according to the Sumerians, the gods from Nibiru, who were called the Annunaki, built their cities underground. Given the incredibly elongated orbit of Planet X, it can be assumed that the colonization of the Earth was difficult due to the physiological characteristics of the aliens, which were not adapted to the density of the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, before rebuilding their genetic code, the Annunaki built dwellings underground. As the number of colonizers increased, underground settlements turned into entire cities.

Aliens Built Underground Network Of Cities

According to the conspiracy theorists, scientists who tried to unravel the mystery of the underground universe did not want to admit to themselves that the written evidence of the Sumerians is the key to the answer. Since the first half of the last century, geologists, as well as mine workers around the world, have come across strange galleries that people could not dig out physically and technologically. The tunnels had a smooth and hard surface like frosted glass. Underground cities were striking in their size and unusual shape of dwellings. NASA and an international team of scientists discovered an underground network with cities running from Altai to South America. Researchers also note that dungeon dwellers probably used the energy of the earth’s core in some way, which is still poorly understood.

Aliens Built Underground Network Of Cities

Recently, an interesting discovery has also been found in Iraq. There was an ancient tomb, and according to conspiracy theorists, in that place, one of the gods of the mysterious planet Nibiru was buried.

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