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Mississippi Man Was Kidnapped By Grey Aliens And Tortured By Faceless Woman

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Calvin Parker and his friend Charles Hickson claimed that they had been abducted by strange creatures with lit-like mouths and crab pincers on October 11, 1973. The men were reportedly fishing near an abandoned port situated not far from their workplace in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The victims said they had seen a blue light that came out of the clouds above them and flew over their boat.
Pascagoula alien abduction

Philip Mantle notes

Parker described the object as a field-like shape, and according to him, it suddenly began to lower float above the water near their boat. Hickson and Parker were forced into the vehicle by grey humanoid creatures, whom they described as robots with unusual eyes, grey skin, and crab pincers for arms.
Pascagoula alien abductionCalvin Parker and his friend Charles Hickson

The creatures performed various experiments on them. As soon as the aliens allowed them to return to the boat, the men went to the local police station to report what they had experienced.
Pascagoula alien abduction
J. Allen Hynek and Dr. James Harder

Professor J. Allen Hynek and Dr. James Harder conducted an interview with both men in 1973, and what they heard was terrifying.

According to the files of Dr. Harder, the victim said that the alien creatures had no neck & no helmets. Their hands were like crab’s, and their mouths were slit-like.
Pascagoula alien abduction
Dr Harder and Professor Hynek research files

When the abduction happened, Charles(42) and Calvin (19) were sitting near the river. Suddenly, they saw a UFO, levitating in the air. When the door of the flying object opened, a 1.5 m alien came out, and the beam of light pulled them up into the spacecraft.
Pascagoula alien abduction
Dr Harder and Professor Hynek research files

When the men were in a hypnosis session, they described the aliens as robots. They were released from the ship in 15-20 minutes and returned to the same place from where they had been abducted.
Pascagoula alien abduction
The creatures allegedly had no neck, slit-like mouths and carrot-like nose and ears

The men said that the creatures had levitated them, with Charles’s feet dragging along the ground, back to their original positions on the river bank.

According to Daily Star, after 45 years of the incident, Calvin Parker was hypnotized once again by Ufologist Kathleen Marden, and he remembered another interesting detail of this story.
Pascagoula alien abductionPascagoula ‘alien abduction’ in 1973

He claimed that the creature that had conducted the experiments resembled a woman without a face.

He said that the same creature had been noticed by him when he was 9 and 12 years old. He claimed that when he was 12 years old, he had seen a mysterious woman in the woods that had only lips and a “very relaxing smile” on her face.

Presumably, she even tried to convince him to come up to her, but the boy decided not to.
Pascagoula alien abduction
Mysterious woman by Parker

In 1993, 20 years after the Pascagoula River incident, Parker again met a woman which he thought was the same from his childhood, but this time, she was faceless.
Pascagoula alien abduction
Calvin Parker

He said he was tortured by her. She was searching for something in his nose and due to that, he started bleeding. He said he had felt terrible pain but somehow managed to escape and returned to his home.
Pascagoula alien abduction
Pascagoula-The Closest Encounter: My Story

It is difficult to say whether the memories that emerged 40 years after the events can be considered as new evidence in this case. Parker even mentioned it in his book, “Pascagoula-The Closest Encounter: My Story.”

Update: According to a report by The Mirror, In February 2022, Calvin claimed that all his visions are coming true. Calvin said the aliens showed him terrible events from humanity’s past and also said that there is a plague going on right now about which the aliens warned him. While the world has seen numerous plagues, this one, according to him, gets “even worse”. Getting increasingly cryptic with his words, he said, “It was caused by mankind which is very bad because God is going to teach us a lesson and stay out of it before he steps back in”.

He even went on to say that the plague will kill millions, cause food shortages around the world, and turn survivors into barbaric scavengers who would kill just to survive. He also talked about having had a vision about World War 3 and that no nation will remain unaffected. The war will turn the world into a toxic wasteland where no crop would grow again.

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