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British Woman Repeatedly Abducted By Reptilians Since 1990s, They Wanted to Steal Her Soul

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British woman Samantha McDonald claimed that she had been repeatedly abducted by reptilians since her first contact in the 1990s, but they wiped her memory every time they took her. In 2014, Samantha was invited to a British talk show named “This Morning,” where she was interviewed by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. She was asked about her contact with the extraterrestrial beings which she reportedly had been experiencing since the 1990s. She said there were two alien species, the Greys, and Reptilians who worked together.
Samantha McDonald

Samantha McDonald claimed to have abducted by reptilians repeatedly since the 1990s after her first contact

Talking about her abductions, Samantha admitted that she did not remember the details of the meeting with the aliens. They had actually wiped her memories and she only remembered the feeling that she had been in some strange place.

She further said that when she had woke up, there were needle marks, scratches, and bruises on her body.

“I’ve asked them what they want with me and they said they have come to take me and my family. What they were after was my energy and soul essence. I don’t know why they keep coming back to me. I think it is to do with my energies as I’m into healing and meditation.”
reptilians abduction
Aliens wanted to steal her soul/ Source:

Samantha claimed that she is not afraid of their return. Moreover, she was convinced that after her contact with extraterrestrial, she was under surveillance on Earth, as she noticed police cars following her, and black helicopters often flew over her house.
Samantha McDonald on the talk show: This Morning with Joanne Summerscales

Samantha visited the talk show along with Joanne Summerscales who runs a support group (AMMACH Project) for those who were abducted by aliens or have a similar experience.

Joanne shared some shocking information on the show. She said that some people who claimed to have been kidnapped by aliens were passed through MRI scans just under the 48 hours of their contact, and strange florescent marks such as handprints were found on their bodies.

In addition, in 2011, research was conducted at the Research Center in Los Angeles, where 20 volunteers were recruited for studying Out-Of-Body Experience.

They were instructed on how to plunge into a phase of REM sleep and have an out-of-body experience.

According to lead researcher Michael Raduga, more than half of the participants in the experiment succeeded, and seven of them were able to communicate with aliens in this state. One of the volunteers named Alexander said that when he was out of his body, he immediately met three aliens.

“I [then] tried to find aliens. Three of them materialized right before my eyes. They seemed more like creatures from the movie ‘The Thing’ than tadpoles with eyes like Princess Jasmine. They wanted to scare me, not to ‘make contact.’ As a result, I was extremely frightened and regained awareness in my own body.”

Around 12 million Americans believe that Lizard people (reptilians) rule the US, and 90 million believe in the existence of aliens.

Besides, according to a short survey by the talk show attended by 1500 people, one of three Britons has seen a UFO.

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