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French Railway Worker Claimed Two Martian Visitors Attacked And Paralyzed Him in 1954

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On the night of September 10, 1954, a railway guard named Marius Dewilde got awake by his dog’s barking at 10:30 pm. His house was near the railway station at Quarouble, Nord, France.

Police noticed some tracks of the machine at the encounter site

Initially, Dewilde tried to ignore his dog, but he got angry as it did not want to calm down. He took his flashlight and went outside to check on his dog. He found nothing suspicious near his house and decided to head towards the railway tracks. His eyes were wide open when he saw a huge cylindrical cigar-like UFO on the ground nearby.

The man began to walk toward the object and heard footsteps behind him, he turned sharply and began fiddling with the flashlight from side to side. His flashlight reflected from something like a mirror, but it was the helmet of two humanoid figures standing behind him.

Marius Dewilde encountered two small humanoids (whom he seemed to be two Martian visitors) in 1954 at Quarouble

Dewilde described the creatures as the Martians who were no more than a meter tall.

Before Dewilde could take a good look at the creatures, a beam of light from the object hit him, and the railroad worker was immediately paralyzed. He could not move or stand and fell on the ground.

Newspaper clipping of Marius Dewilde case

His body was paralyzed, but he was still conscious. He saw two aliens running toward the object, entering through a hatch. Then the object flew upward high in the sky and disappeared while changing its colors.

After a while, Dewilde got back to normal, he ran home and told his wife and neighbor about his encounter with aliens. He also contacted the local police and explained to them everything that had happened with him the previous night.

Marius Dewilde is one of the most famous alien encounters in France

The police began to investigate the area where Dewilde claimed that he saw an alien spaceship. Unfortunately, they found no trace of the spaceship, only some burned rocks and some dents, probably from the ship’s supports.

Soon after that incident, someone attacked several farm cows not far from the train station. He killed and completely mutilated them. Besides, Dewilde began to suffer from sudden health problems. He got affected by asthma, severe headaches, the treatment hardly helped him, and he suffered from those diseases until his death.

Another similar incident happened in July 1965, near the French village of Valensole in the Alps of Haute Provence.

1965 Valensole UFO Encounter

It was the morning of July 1, and farmer Maurice Masse was smoking a cigarette while working in the lavender fields. There, he saw that an object came down from the sky and eventually landed right on the field very close to Maurice.

At first, the farmer thought it was a helicopter, but then he saw a rather strange oval shape, resting on four metallic stands. Next to the object, there were two figures the size of a small child in tight gray-green suits.

They had huge heads, and their eyes were large, black, almond-shaped. The creatures had very sharp chins and were speaking very strangely, like the buzzing of insects.

The farmer was standing there with his mouth open in fear. Meanwhile, the aliens saw the man, immediately attacked him with a small pencil-like device and paralyzed him. He fell on the ground, like Dewilde 11 years before.

The rest of the story is similar to Dewilde’s case. While the farmer was lying on the ground, the aliens boarded his ship and flew away, and then Maurice managed to move again. Again, the police found nothing like in the previous case, just a hole in the ground and the burned plants.

The next encounter happened in 1967.

On August 29, 1967, two children from Cussac, Cantal, France were playing in the field when they suddenly saw four black creatures less than 3-feet tall nearby. The little beings seemed to fly in the air and entered the spaceship that was hovering over the field and flew away at great speed. When the police arrived at the scene, they smelled a sulfur odor and dried plants in the area where the children allegedly had seen a spaceship.

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