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Pentagon Scientist Claimed To Have Seen More UFOs Than He Can Count & Corbell Shocking Claims

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The recent US Congress UFO meeting upsets UFO enthusiasts as it has failed to provide conclusive information about the UFO/UAP phenomenon. Based on the military and Pentagon reports, Congress acknowledges the pilots’ encounters and UAP sightings, but there is more to investigate. DOD scientist Travis Taylor & American documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell shocked UFOlogists after their controversial statements about the UFOs.

In his recent interviews, former Pentagon special agent Luis Elizondo claimed that the US Department of Defense had investigated alien abductions of its military personnel. Additionally, he mentioned that there are more unpublished videos about these mysterious unknown phenomena.

After him, Jeremy Corbell claimed to have seen the US military trying to shoot down UFOs, and he is ready to testify to Congress. Moreover, prominent Pentagon scientist Dr. Travis Taylor told Mystery Wire that he had seen a huge number of UFOs that he could not remember.

Corbell’s Statement

Corbell has been the leading voice in the UFO footage for some time. In 2021, he leaked a film of the US Navy photographed & filmed “spherical” shaped UFOs & advanced transmedium vehicles. In the footage shared by filmmaker and UFO enthusiast Jeremy Corbell, a flying object can be seen disappearing into the water off California.

According to Corbell, the footage was filmed by US Navy off San Diego’s coast in July 2019. A dark saucer-like object can be seen hovering above the ocean. In the video, military personnel can be heard saying “it splashed.” Soon after, the object disappears into the ocean.

The Pentagon says that there are now 400 unexplained reports from military personnel of possible encounters with UFOs. Corbell told the Sun that The US and Russia had fired on the UFOs. They had been doing it “recently and regularly with increased frequency,” he said.

The filmmaker claimed that the alleged aerial fight exists and he had seen them. He is ready to testify about the incidents to Congress and break the secrecy and stigma about the UFO subject. He even claimed that there was an attempt to shoot down the UFO recently.

“I have seen the logs, I have seen the videos. We have attempted shoot downs of UAP on a regular basis – we are talking as recently as last Friday,” said Corbell.

He further stated: “This is a power on Earth, we just don’t know where it comes from. These are machines that are far more advanced, they outpace, outmaneuver and outperform anything we have – that’s the bottom line. The air force is engaging these UAP on a weekly basis with arms – and I can prove it.”

Dr. Travis Taylor’s Statement

Dr. Travis Taylor has been a popular face in the UFOlogy. He has appeared on popular TV shows such as “Ancient Aliens” and “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” and is one of the world’s best-known UFO hunters.

Although he is not a true believer, he pursues the unknown but sticks to the scientific method. For the past twenty-five years, Dr. Taylor has worked on various hi-tech programs for the Department of Defense and NASA. He is also a successful writer, published two textbooks, over 15 papers, and 21 science fiction novels.

Dr. Taylor joined businessman Brandon Fugals’s team at Fugals’s infamous Skinwalker ranch three years ago and firmly believed he would be able to resolve the ranch’s assorted mysteries in short order. But the longer he stayed, the stranger things became.

In his recent interview with investigative journalist George Knapp, he said: “You know, I had never seen a UFO until I got out there. Now, I have seen more UFOs now than you can count.”

In a surprisingly candid and wide-ranging interview, Dr. Taylor shared his opinions about the role of science in the pursuit of the unknown, his personal experiences with strange phenomena on Skinwalker Ranch, the physical effects of close encounter cases, and the mysterious ‘hitchhiker effect’ that multiple UFO/paranormal eyewitnesses have reported.

In his opinion, this unexplained phenomenon can be different for people in regards to their brain activity. Hypothetically speaking, he said that the phenomenon can be connected with different planes in the universe. He added that he could go along with the idea of a portal but was not sure. He believes it is bizarre but there is some truth to it.

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