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Aliens already exist on Earth? Scientist: The number may have reached 5 million!

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Are there 5 million aliens on Earth? American scientist: Maybe your other half is!

Human speculation about aliens has never stopped, and some people even think that aliens live in the living area of ​​​​humans and live on earth in human skins. From the outside, they are no different from the earth people, and there are even many aliens who have married earth people. Seeing this, many people must think that this is the plot of a science fiction movie. In fact, this is from the news of the world, and the content published by a doctor who studies UFOs in the United States. He believes that there are more than 500 people in the United States alone. Thousands of aliens. In our opinion, such reports are a bit ridiculous, so is this really the case?

Alien creatures “lizardmen”

In human conjectures, there is also a very strange creature called Lizardman. People think this is a race from alien creatures. In the United States, people have witnessed the figure of Lizardman many times. They have green armor and Red eyes, running very fast. They mingled with humans and intermarried with humans to produce offspring. These offspring usually became leaders of various countries. Their purpose was to replace human beings on the earth through political control.

Such as the rumored British Queen Obama Blaney and so on. They all have relatively high social status. Of course, this is just an alien creature imagined by human beings. Whether they exist on earth, whether they live among humans in the appearance of human beings as rumored, we have no way of knowing, but American UFO experts This point made has once again set off a craze for the Lizardmen.

Characteristics of “Aliens”

Most people on earth believe in the existence of aliens. The American expert on alien biology, Dr. James, has been obsessed with the study of aliens in the past ten years, and firmly believes that aliens have already joined forces with the earth. marriage. Their purpose may be to conquer the earth in this way, or they may want to experience different lives on different planets. He even listed several criteria for judging whether his significant other was an alien.

If your husband is very fond of tinkering, especially shows a high interest in some buildings, and has a very strong hands-on ability, then you need to be vigilant, they are most likely not earthlings. In the process of watching TV, they don’t like to use the TV’s remote control to change channels, but wait very patiently for a program to play, even if there are commercials. When they arrive at a strange place, their sense of direction is very poor. The doctor believes that the reason for this phenomenon may be because their planet and the earth have different directions, so it is easy to cause confusion when going out.

There are still many such conjectures about aliens, but so far we have not been able to detect the authenticity of the existence of aliens. What do you think of the 500 aliens proposed by Dr. James of the United States that exist on the earth?

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