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Frightened prisoners claim they saw UFOs above the prison – then a mysterious red eruption came out

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Prisoners think they saw a UFO above their prison.

After the close encounter, one inmate claimed that he and other stragglers walked away with a skin rash.

The “skeptical” disc was left “speechless” by the incident earlier this year.

In a letter to Inside Times prison magazine, he said: “I don’t believe in the supernatural or aliens from Mars, but what we saw recently here in this prison was really quite strange and still leaves me speechless.

“My landing was doing exercises, everyone doing our own thing, some were working out and some, like me, were walking around, you get the idea.

“I spotted a hawk on the battlements, hovering like I spotted a mouse or something.”

He was in an exercise yard at HMP The Verne, Dorset, when a “very bright light” appeared.

He said: “This object started getting closer and closer, until it hovered over our exercise area about 30 meters above us.

“By this time, we were all, including the officers, standing with our heads tilted back and looking at this strange thing.

“Then the object started to shrink and collapse in on itself until it sort of dissolved into a cloud of mist.

“Then it started raining on us and the next day we all came out with a red rash.”

The prisoner thinks it might have been a secret military ship from a nearby base.

He stated: He added: “I’ve heard many different explanations from different men.

“Some say there is a military base in Portland and that this could have been some kind of military ‘Project Black’.

“Others say it was lightning. I don’t know what it was, except it was really weird. ”

The sighting is the latest of many unexplained UFO encounters.

This summer, a student in Devon took pictures of what he claimed was a UFO that hovered over the sea for 10 seconds before “disappearing” at speed.

The strange object with four glowing lights in a triangular formation was captured in the sky by Matthew Evans, who said he was looking out of the sea-facing window in his top-floor apartment.

We also tell the story of actress Abbie Bela, who claimed that she fell in love with an alien after being kidnapped by a UFO from her bedroom in London.

This comes after a report released by the US government found that a total of 143 UFO sightings since 2004 cannot be explained.

And 18 reported events were described as being “beyond America’s known technological capabilities.”

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