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Canada to create report on UFO incursions into nuclear facilities

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The UFO issue has become of paramount importance in recent years, particularly in the political arena. Now, the Parliament of Canada insists and makes a report on its movements in the nuclear installations.

Everything seems to indicate that the  Parliament of Canada  has decided to act on the matter and, as its closest neighbor, to start investigating  UFOs  .

Canada’s Parliament and the UFO Investigation

Since the United States government enacted the recent creation of a  UFO office  , focused on the investigation of unidentified flying objects.

Its main objective is, in theory,  to democratize as much as possible all  related information and make it public, leaving behind the strong surveillance and secrecy maintained by the Pentagon itself and  secret programs  .

Now,  Larry Maguire  , a member of the Canadian House of Commons, seems to have joined  all the efforts  that the United States has made in government.

At a meeting last week of  the Standing Committee on Natural Resources in Ottawa  , held on March 2, 2022, he proposed writing a report on  Unidentified Aerial Phenomena  , or the popular “  UAPs”.  ” and safety at Canadian nuclear facilities.

In addition, they suggested that the results obtained be shared with their neighbor’s new UFO office.

Maguire’s request was justified with a series of UFO incursions or “strange drones” seen at different  military and nuclear facilities  in various countries.

Something new for the country

Given this, the deputy minister of natural resources,  John Hannaford  , replied that he was “not familiar with the subject”. However, he is aware that the safety of the nuclear facilities was of paramount importance.

Even so, he forwarded this work to  Mollie Johnson  , responsible for that area and assured that he would be responsible for investigating to obtain the requested information. And if necessary, generate a detailed report about it.

It should be noted that the Parliament of Canada is the  second  to join the investigation of the UFO issue and openly discuss it.

In the past, the Australian Parliament has also decided to take this as a serious matter for discussion.

Undoubtedly, something very big is happening. More and more nations are deciding to take UFO incursions seriously and especially trying to find out what their origin is.

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